Label Affiliation

List of affiliate labels we work with


  • Melodic House & Techno
  • Progressive

Looking for

QR Sound Records is a young and fast-growing label, whose music will soon be heard all over the world.

Our goal is to support talented producers who share with us the vision of true electronic music sound. The main musical styles of our label are Progressive, Melodic House & Techno.

Country: 🇷🇺  Russia

Rules for submitting your music

  1. Check out the FMM calendar to see when the submission window opens each month. Any music sent outside of these dates will be deleted.
  2. Members are permitted to submit 4 tracks during each window.
  3. Members can submit  their demos to 2 labels maximum each window
  4. You cannot submit the same demos to 2 different labels during the same window
  5. Make sure your track matches the genre, style and quality of music the label is looking for

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